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Top Signs a Dog Is Bored

Husky jumping over an outdoor dog park fence

Is your dog bored? What can you do about it? Find the answers to these questions here!

Pet dogs need rich mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Like people, they need companionship, exercise, and things to do. They express themselves and their needs in different ways, too, although it is not always obvious what a particular canine behavior could mean, especially to first-time dog owners. What are the signs a dog is bored? Let’s take a look.

Signs a Dog Is Bored

Overly-Excited Greetings

You are happy that your dog is elated to see you, but is its greeting unusually over-the-top? Does your dog zoom around the house, jump, bark, and go into an uncontrollable state of excitement when it sees you come home? If the greeting strikes you as unusually happy, boredom could be its cause.

Excessive Barking

Barking could stem from different causes; it could be territorial barking or barking from anxiety. However, it too could be a sign a dog is bored. You might know that your pet barks out of boredom if it barks at everything and nothing, if anything of interest in sight sparks a vocal response.

Destructive Behavior

Did you ever come home to find your couch cushion fluff strewn about the living room, a mess in the kitchen, or teeth marks on the wooden furniture? It is generally a sign that your dog does not have enough to do during the day and is doing anything it can to keep itself occupied.


Just because your dog has a large yard in which to run around, it doesn’t mean that it will have endless fun. It can also become bored being in the same place by itself, and so it may try to jump over or dig under the fence to escape. There is a much greater world out there to see!

Pacing, Licking, Panting, & More

Does your dog practice any other unusual behaviors such as pacing, excessive licking, panting despite having no exercise, or pointless scratching? Your dog’s fidgetiness could indicate that it is trying to keep itself moving and mentally and physically stimulated. 

What to Do About It

Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to keep your dog’s life interesting and exciting. Make sure to spend quality time walking and playing together every day, and train your dog to perform new tricks. Give your pet a job, such as bringing in the newspaper, and train it out of negative behaviors if necessary.

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