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Why Do Cats Knead?

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Why do cats knead? Does yours knead? Here’s what it could mean.

Cats have always been a favorite subject on the Internet, and one subsection of cat content is kneading. Also known as “making biscuits” or “making bread,” this common cat behavior amuses, delights, and somewhat confuses cat lovers across the world. Why do cats knead? Let’s find out what it could mean.

Why Do Cats Knead?

Out of Instinct

The theory is that cats do it out of instinct. As kittens, they might do this behavior to stimulate their mother’s milk. The reward is delicious, nutritious food from their mother. Even as adults, cats might knead out of habit.

To Self-Soothe

Your pet might be kneading you or soft objects to soothe itself. It could just be a way to make itself feel comfy, or it could be a way to destress. Other signs of stress in your cat would indicate it is stressed, such as hiding, not eating, hissing, etc.

Because They’re Relaxed

Otherwise, it could be just an outpouring of your cat’s feeling of trust, love, and contentment. Your cat would show other signs of being relaxed, such as purring, slow blinking, and a generally peaceful state. Take the biscuit-making as a sign of love and happiness!

To Prepare for Bed

Some cats will knead their bedding or blanket before settling down for a nap or bedtime. It is a way to make the space comfortable before curling up for bed, and could also be a way to claim it. In that case, it could be claiming your bed as its own.

Concerns about Cats Kneading

Is It Too Much?

How do you know if it is making too many biscuits? Once again, it could be excessive if your cat is displaying signs of stress, meaning your cat is doing it to relieve anxiety. Not all cats knead, but cats who do are doing it instinctively and need an outlet to do it as often as they feel.

Is It Damaging Fabrics?

Is your cat’s habit pulling up threads in your couch, upholstery, clothing, or bedding? Keep your cat’s nails trimmed and, if necessary, gently move your cat to a few select fabrics on which it is free to knead.

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