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How to Care for a Kitten: All the Basics

How to Care for a Kitten: All the Basics

Kittens require specific care; a helpful list can keep your pet its healthiest and happiest.

Caring for a new kitten is an exciting endeavor; if you have already gotten your new household member, congrats! While owning a new pet brings much joy into a household, it also means the owner will need to provide 100% committed care. For all the basics on how to care for a kitten, read on below.


The basics of kitten care include bedding, nutrition, and sanitary needs. As for bedding, a cat bed can be as simple or complex as you wish, as long as it is safe and the right size. It is best to choose a bed based on your cat’s sleeping preferences and one that uses natural, easy-to-wash fabric.


Basic care for a kitten includes providing fresh water at all times. Besides clean water, your kitten will need a balanced diet of high-quality commercial kitten food and natural produce. Kittens often prefer three or four meals a day.

Litter Box

As for the litter box, it is best to place it in a quiet, low-traffic spot. It should be well-lit either by natural light or a night-light, if possible. Your cat won’t necessarily appreciate having to use the litter box in a dark, neglected corner. If the box is in an enclosed room, make sure to keep the door always open.

Scratching Posts

Cats need to scratch their claws to keep them short and to express their natural behaviors. It won’t hurt to provide two or more scratching posts throughout the house so your cat will not be tempted to go for the furniture. An alternative to scratching posts is a scratching mat.


Cats do not need frequent baths, but they do need to be brushed regularly. Regular brushing will help reduce the likelihood of hairballs, especially for long-haired cats. Your cat will be most receptive to grooming if you introduce it as early as possible.


Kittens, like all animals, need social interaction. With the enthusiasm of having a new pet, your household won’t find it hard to give the new kitten attention. If you have a busy lifestyle, having a second kitten might be wise.

Good Manners

Teaching good manners is another important part of raising your kitten. For cats, one should reward good behavior, but ignore bad behavior. Do not yell at or physically punish your cat. Instead, end the playtime or ignore the behavior to show your cat it isn’t worth doing.


Lastly, take your kitten to a good vet to ensure it has all its necessary treatments, including spaying or neutering. If you need a reputable vet in the Baltimore or Pasadena area, consider making Everhart Veterinary Medicine your go-to place.

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