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Tips for Traveling with Your Dog by Car

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog by Car

Keep your pet dog safe on the road this season!

Whether the holidays are around the bend or summer sprees take us on adventures, you’ll want safe travels and be well-prepared for any emergency. Concern for safety and smooth sailing may increase when you are bringing your pet dog along for the journey. If your dog has the privilege to celebrate or adventure with you on the road, you can make the trip a breeze with the following preparatory tips for traveling with your dog.


Though the chances may be slim, it is always a good safety precaution to have your dog wear a collar with your contact information on it. If you plan to stay in one place during your holiday for an extended time, you may want to have your vacation home address on the collar. Another way to keep track of your pet is through the convenient service of microchipping

Check Up and Check In

Especially if you are traveling across states, you will need to give your dog a checkup at the vet before you go. You will need to make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that he has a certificate of health.

Before traveling with your dog, record your regular vet’s emergency phone number and the emergency number of the vet closest to your stay. If your pet has a medical emergency, knowing who to call and where to go can be a lifesaver.

Provisions for the Road

As for riding in the car, it is safest for your dog to have a crate where he can stand, turn around, and stretch comfortably. Supply plenty of water with a water bottle, add comfort with a blanket, and include entertainment with toys. Old favorites and new will do splendidly. Bring healthy dog food as well, but to avoid car sickness, have your pet travel on an empty stomach.

Plenty of Breaks

Allow your faithful friend the time he needs to exercise and relieve himself as you drive on for hours. Remember to bring a sturdy leash and clean up after your dog at every rest stop.

Keep Calm

Dogs sense the emotional state of their owners. If you are anxious, they may also be high-strung. Traveling with your dog can be more exhausting than relaxing, but when you have prepared to the best of your ability and keep a calm demeanor, your pet will also feel safe and relaxed. 

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