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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

How do you know how often you should bathe your dog? It depends on several things.

A dog’s skin is different from a human’s; its acidity is neutral, while human skin is slightly more acidic. For this reason, human shampoo can be quite irritating to your dog’s skin. Dogs also need a bath far less frequently than humans. However, in lifestyle, dog or human, there is no one-size-fits-all way of doing things. How often you should bathe your dog is one of those things.

Benefits of Bathing Your Dog

It is possible that a few dogs do not need bathing at all. Some dogs supersede the norm for even their own breed and never stink. However, for most of the population, there are several benefits in keeping your dog clean. Without bathing or brushing your dog, oil from the skin could build up over time, dirt could embed itself in the skin, and the coat could become matted. Even if you do not care to ever wash your dog, bathing could be beneficial to its health. Another benefit is relational: you can hug your dog again without getting a whiff of a smelly coat.

Factors in Bath Frequency

How often to bathe your dog depends on the kind of coat your dog has, its breed, and its lifestyle. If a dog has a longer coat, it may need a bath more frequently than a short-haired dog. However, some hairless dogs require higher maintenance and need a bath once a week. Do not wash your pet this often, though, unless the vet recommends it. It may help to look up your dog’s specific breed to have a better idea of how often bath time should be. Additionally, an active dog that runs around in the mud will need cleaning more often than a dog who likes to sit on the couch. The more exposure to dirt a dog gets, principally, the more likely a bath is at hand.

The Determining Factor

While the procedure of washing your pet may involve the type of coat and skin it has, the way to tell how often to bathe your dog can be simplified. While washing once a month may be standard for many dogs, the best question to ask is this: does your dog smell? When he’s dirty, he’s dirty. If you would like a professional to take care of the business, feel free to reach out to Everhart Vet in Baltimore! 

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