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How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Need to keep your cat from your Christmas tree? You’re not alone. These tips can help!

The saying, “Curiosity kills the cat,” is never truer when it comes to your cat and a Christmas tree. Granted, some cats may be genuinely disinterested in the flash and glow of that climbing (and bathroom) post, but it comes as no surprise if your feline is completely enamored. To keep her safe and keep your tree intact, here’s how you can cat-proof your evergreen.


Instead of placing your Christmas tree inside of a cage, you can keep it in all its glory and add some festive elements that will repel your cat from it. Cats do not like the scent of citrus, nor do they like stepping on sticky, prickly, or odd textures. Orange and lemon peels scattered around the tree will surely deter your cat, and even more so if you add some festive pine cones to the mix. Wrap aluminum foil around the trunk and below the tree as well for a texture they will not want to tread. If your cat wants to chew on the branches, opt for an artificial tree.


Although you cannot provide your Christmas tree for your cat’s entertainment, you can give them toys that are suitable and not dangerous to them. Try keeping unique toys and climbing posts that only come out at Christmas time so that your cat can enjoy something new without resorting to the tree.

Keep It Subtle

In some cases, your cat may lose interest in the tree sooner if you set up the decoration gradually. First, let the tree stand undecorated for a few days. Once your cat has investigated the object, it may lose interest by the time you put on the lights and ornaments.

Keep It Safe

The best reason to save your tree from your cat is to save your cat from your tree. In other words, cats can endanger their lives and the house when they play with glass ornaments, electric cords, and holiday plants. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia are poisonous to cats. Wrap Christmas lights high and central around the tree. If you are concerned with your cat getting to the ornaments, you can replace shiny, glass ones with fabric and paper ones that you can tie to the branches. Make sure the tree is not within the landing zone if your cat launches from a sofa arm, counter, or table also.

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