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Choosing the Best Dog for Your Family

Choosing the Best Dog for Your Family

Consider these different factors in choosing a dog for your family.

Bringing a new dog into your home is a big step. A dog becomes a joyful part of the family, giving you and especially your children years of happy memories. A pet dog also needs a great deal of love and care, and knowing what kind of dog to get for your family can be a challenge. While you might have a preference to one dog breed or another, such as a Lassie dog, it’s best to do your research and see what breed would be right for you. Below we’ll look at some considerations on how to choose the best dog for your family.


Some breeds of dogs require much more activity than others to keep up a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. If you are the type of person who just wants to take a casual stroll twice a day, some dogs may not find that enough. Working dogs especially need more allowance to run about and gain both physical and mental stimulation. Even so, there are also many kinds of dogs that are happy to just sit on your lap.


Size is especially important when you have children. Children may accidentally run over or roughly handle a dog that is small and fragile if they’re not careful. A small dog is also more susceptible to the cold and needs proper protection. Conversely, a very large dog might need more space to wag his tail without knocking into household items. A medium-sized dog might be your happy medium.


Older dogs, having most likely socialized with children in the past, can be gentler around children and infants. If you are interested in getting a puppy, be aware that a puppy needs greater time and effort for training, entertaining, and other needs. If you have young children, you may also consider getting a younger dog so that your kids do not have to experience a death too soon.


Also, make sure that no one in your family suffers from allergies to dogs or certain breeds of dogs. One way you can test this is by spending time with a friend who has a dog of the same or similar breed you are thinking of getting. Another way to test is to see an allergist. 

Physical Care

Although size, age, and activity are significant factors in choosing a dog, the physical care requirements are also crucial to know. Know your breed’s grooming needs and also what potential medical conditions it may face. 


Small dogs, big dogs, and different breeds of dogs may have characteristic temperaments, yet none can predict how a dog may get along with your family. Each dog is unique. A calmer dog may bond stronger with your children, but any dog can become a loved part of your family.

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