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End of Life Care for Pets

End of Life Care for Pets

The latter end of your pet’s life is one that deserves special attention. Here are the ways in which to help your pet.

When the time approaches to say goodbye to a family pet, it can be a great difficulty to think about how to proceed with caring for your pet and what to do afterwards with the remains. It is a time in which a pet needs the greatest care and attention. End of life care for pets enables a pet to pass on in the most dignified way possible.

Check-ups with the Vet

As your pet ages, you will need to take him or her to the vet perhaps more regularly than when it was younger. Your veterinarian will be able to spot any early signs of health problems and take proper action. If your dog or cat has a delayed diagnosis, its health can deteriorate much more rapidly and endure a less enjoyable standard of life.

Care for Elderly Pets

Meanwhile, at home, your pet may experience aging in a way that calls you to take certain measures to make him or her comfortable. For example, if your pet has difficulty getting up to go to the bathroom, you can buy or make a sling to hoist him up as he does his business. Make sure to keep your pet’s space free from any soiling, and continue to surround him with his favorite things.

Hospice Care

Pet hospice care is an option for people who wish to give their pet the most comfortable possible living conditions at this time of its life. A veterinarian or veterinary team can help instruct pet owners on how to be the best caregivers they can be. Strategies include diet, human interaction, supervision, and medications

You should also consult your veterinarian on how to proceed with the end of life. A difficult subject, there may come a point when it is better to have euthanasia than for your dog or cat to live in substandard circumstances. 

If Your Pet Has Died at Home

If your pet dies in your home, there are several ways to deal with the remains. The two main ways are cremation and burial. With cremation, Everhart Veterinary Hospital advises to bring the pet to them. Everhart is connected with a business who can take care of this process, and can take care of the details for you. With the burial of your pet, you can only bury your pet on your property if the law allows, or locate a nearby pet cemetery. While the body is still in your house, keep it as cool as possible.

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