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Why Is It Important?

Dental health is just as important for pets as it is for humans! Our team at Everhart does not want your pet to suffer from an unhealthy mouth. Bad breath is a clear indicator of bacteria, which over time, leads to a buildup of tartar and plaque on the animal’s teeth. Other signs of dental disease include discomfort while chewing, missing teeth, and excessive drooling.

Did you know that dental disease in your animal could affect more than just the teeth?
Bacteria associated with dental disease can enter the pet’s bloodstream and can lead to infection in the other organs. We highly recommend taking advantage of our dental examinations to protect your pet from dental disease. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your pet’s gums and teeth for any dental issues. Fortunately, the majority of dental disease can be treated and prevented in most pets.

Our Dental Services:

  • Dental surgery (digital radiography, scaling/polishing, and extractions)
  • Preventative Professional Dental Cleaning (Usage Of Procare Products- gels and solutions)

Everhart’s Frequent Flossers Program

Everhart Veterinary Hospital offers a program to promote the best dental health for your best friend, while also earning you 10% off your pet’s next dental procedure. Through this program, our clients will have the opportunity to view a series of instructional videos intended to help pet owners prevent dental disease in your pet. Upon completion of all videos, pet owners will be prompted to complete a quick survey. Once the survey is completed, a certificate of completion can be printed. This certificate is good for 10% off one dental procedure per one calendar year for each pet in the family.

To assess your pet’s dental health and learn more about our Frequent Flossers Program call and schedule your appointment today! We want to make sure that your loved ones are purring and wagging their tails every single day. It is important to remember that maintaining good dental health is a huge part of helping them live a happy and healthy life!

Contact Us To Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment

Everhart Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new patients. We will do our best to accommodate same day appointments if your animal has any urgent medical issues. This applies to everyone, and it does not matter if your companion is a new patient.

If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. We have urgent care available at both the Everhart Veterinary Hospital and the Everhart WellPet Center; however, major medical treatment or surgeries will are done at our hospital location.

We will do our best to accommodate your pet’s urgent medical issues. If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. You can reach the Everhart WellPet Center at 410-793-7670. We are committed to helping your pet in any way that we can. If we discover that your pet needs a higher level of care, we may transfer the patient to a more specialized hospital that offers 24-hour care.

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