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Why Flea and Tick Preventatives are important for your pet

Meghan is the owner of Riley, a 5 year old terrier mix. Riley had been acting fine at home but Meghan noticed there were little white worms in Riley’s stool. She brought Riley’s stool sample to Everhart recently to be tested, and it came up positive for Tapeworms, a type of worm contracted after a pet ingests a flea. After being asked if Riley is on flea preventive, Meghan said she only keeps Riley on it during warm weather. This is a common misconception because fleas are still active in cold weather.

Year round use is the key to preventing flea infestations as the product will not allow flea larvae to develop and spread. Prevention is much easier then treating once there is a problem. Preventing infestations will also help avoid conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis from biting fleas that can be uncomfortable and cause painful itching. Year round prevention use is also helpful in controlling ticks that spread harmful diseases such as Lyme and Ehrlichia.

Have you heard yet?! Everhart is now offering Nexgard, the only oral flea and tick preventative available. Nexgard is a soft beef-flavored oral chew tablet that will kill fleas before they can lay eggs as well as treat and control ticks. Nexgard will be beneficial for meat allergy canines as the beef-flavored chew tab is made purely from soy and a small amount of milk. It will also be beneficial for dogs who like to swim often, or need frequent baths since water does not affect the product. As of now, Nexgard is only offered for canines, but in the future they are hoping to produce a feline product.

For any questions regarding this product, or any other preventative Everhart carries, please give us a call. 410-355-3131

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