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Why Annual Visits are Important for Your Pet

Lacey, is 9 year old cocker spaniel, new client, who came to Everhart for a wellness exam and to check a lump that presented on her ear. Lacey had a comprehensive physical performed at her visit where it was discovered that her abdomen was palpating abnormally. With the consent of Lacey’s owner, we performed two x-rays and discovered over 100 bladder stones present. According to Lacey’s owner, she had been treated for urinary tract infections in the past at previous animal hospitals, but did not notice any symptoms currently. Lacey’s bladder stones could have continued to cause long-term issues had they not been discovered via a routine wellness appointment.

Annual wellness visits to your veterinarian are important for your pet because when we can focus on preventative care, the number of emergency visits can be reduced, since you are aware of what is “normal” for your pet. All pets should be seen for a physical, vaccines and fecal test once a year.

We recommend a fecal test yearly because parasites can be easily transmitted, not only among our furry friends, but to us humans as well. A physical is recommended yearly to look for signs of weight gain or loss, dental disease, skin issues, lumps and bumps, and heart murmurs, among many other things. Blood work is also recommended at yearly visits for pets over 5 years of age. This is so we can monitor any changes in values, such as liver and kidney values to look for early signs of disease.

Maintaining a yearly wellness visit schedule makes addressing potential problems in the future easier to handle and cope with, as a history for your pet has already been established. Yearly trips can also minimize the stress on your companion as they become more accustomed to the staff at each visit. We look forward to seeing you and your companion at their next annual visit!

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