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How to Find a Pet Sitter

How to Find a Pet Sitter

Going on vacation? Here’s how to find the best pet sitter possible.

Having a pet is a great responsibility. Your pet, whether it be a dog, a cat, or a chinchilla, depends on you for its health and happiness. When you go on vacation, you have a few provider options for your pet. One is a boarding setup with your vet or a pet hotel. Another is to find a pet sitter. Pet sitting is beneficial in that your pet can stay at home, and if this appeals to you, here is a quick guide on how to find the perfect pet sitter.

Look for Local Recommendations

There are two options concerning pet sitters: a local in your circle of acquaintances or a local professional pet sitter. Some people pet-sit as a professional; they are trained and certified to care for pets of all kinds while their owners are away. You can find a professional pet sitter through word-of-mouth or online at sites such as and 

Alternatively, you can find a pet sitter if anyone in your neighborhood, friend group, family, or other group comes to mind. You can also express your need and see if anyone knows someone local who could do it. Your vet could also give you recommendations; don’t hesitate to ask! 

Interview Your Candidate

Whether you hire your neighbor’s teen or a professional sitter, it is best to check out their qualifications before going ahead with one candidate. See how you relate to each other and how responsible and experienced the potential sitter is. Can you trust this person to handle a crisis? Have a list of questions to ask your candidate at least two weeks before your vacation.

Have a Test Run

It also helps to have your potential pet sitter have a test run of taking care of your pet as if you weren’t there. Have the person meet your pet before committing to have him or her be there when you are gone. It’s good for the pet sitter to practice and show their ability to walk, feed, and look out for your pet.

Have a Backup Plan

You never know what might happen. An emergency could come up and your pet sitter might not be able to fulfill the duties for the whole agreed-upon time period. Have another person you can call in case something happens to avoid having to end your vacation early.

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