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Dog Pulls on the Leash: Tips to Stop It

dog leather leash

Does your pet pull on the leash? Here are a few tips!

If you have a pet dog or want to walk a neighbor’s dog that tends to pull on its leash, there are ways to help yourself and the dog have a better time. Pulling on the leash can be harmful to your dog, in that it puts a strain on its neck, and harmful to you, as you could end up on the pavement or the grass. Here are several tips to help you when your dog pulls on the leash.

Use a Harness Leash

Bypass the traditional leash and use a harness instead. If you use a harness, have your dog wear its identification collar at the same time. A harness is a standard no-pull leash. It uses two points of connection, the dog’s chest and back, which disables the dog’s opposition reflex. If the dog pulls on its collar, it must rely on your pull-back to balance.

Stop and Wait

The other tips for stopping a dog from pulling on a leash involve your direction. If your dog pulls, do not punish your pet by yelling or showing negative attention. Your pet will not necessarily understand this attention, and it can turn unhealthy. Instead, stop and stand still whenever your dog pulls until it understands that walking by your side is the way to go forward.

Reward and Praise

In addition, reward and praise your pet whenever it performs the desired behavior. Especially reward your dog with treats in the early stages of its training, and gradually taper them off as it becomes the norm. However, praise is always healthy and welcome for your pet whenever it is a good dog. Everhart has an online pharmacy with good training treats we recommend here!

Change Direction

Stopping and waiting is only one method to keep your dog from pulling. You can also change up your training by suddenly changing your direction. Keeping the walk unpredictable distracts your pet from pulling at all. You can also change direction whenever your dog pulls.

Choose a Stimulating Route

All of this training takes patience, love, and positivity, but your walk should be beneficial to you both. Take a route that has points of interest for your pet where it can stop, smell, and make its presence known. Not only should a walk be physically stimulating but mentally stimulating as well.

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