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Katherine Hatzigiannakis, DVM

Esteemed Associate Veterinarian Katherine Hatzigiannakis has been with Everhart Veterinary Medicine for one year, but brings with her a lifetime or travel and experience.

Growing up with a passion and love for both animals and science, Katherine’s family moved to such diverse locations as Sewanee, Tennessee, Newark, Delaware, Beaufort, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Des Moines, Iowa, and—with the exception of her years attending veterinary school in Blacksburg, Virginia—has been a proud resident of Baltimore for nearly two decades.

“I have always loved animals, from my childhood pets—we had two German shorthaired pointer—to my love of horseback riding,” Katherine explains. “I started working in shelter medicine, then went to school to be a RVT. I loved my job and wanted to do more!”

Even with all her years of travel, Katherine was able to buckle down and focus her talents and energies into an ambitious education dedicated to the health and well-being of animals. After attaining her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology from CCBC Essex and then studying as a biology major at Towson University, Katherine was accepted into veterinary school at Virginia Maryland before her Bachelors Degree was even completed.

“I was able to receive my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech,” she recalls. “Personally, I enjoy diagnostic cytology, dentistry, soft tissue surgery and ultrasonography—and I think that these areas have put me in a unique position for all-around animal care.”

Katherine isn’t the only animal-lover in the family. She and her husband, Tony—who owns the popular Iron Lotus Tattoos in Joppa, Maryland—not only have three dogs, but two snakes! “Veruca is ten-years-old,” says Katherine, “and is my spoiled little chihuahua. She was adopted after acquiring a parvo virus infection at ten months of age and the owners were unable to care for her. She had surgery for intervertebral disk disease last year but is still going strong! … Onion is also around ten-years-old, and is my Pomeranian. She was found wandering around Pigtown a few years ago and needed major dental work, spay surgery, mammary mass removals, and has intervertebral disk disease. Our newest addition is Mishra, who is about six-months-old now is a little chihuahua mix. He had a broken elbow and after repair with Dr. Goodman has been doing great! He is a goofy and playful little dude,” she laughs.

“My husband and I also have the two snakes,” Katherine adds. “I have a corn snake named Stormshadow, who is a great eater and likes to slither about. My other snake is a Western Hognose named Cobra Commander who is all drama and bluster!”