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Puppy Training Tips

Cute puppy eating from its plate

Have you or someone you know just get a new puppy but needs help training it? In this post, we will give you a few tips to make this sometimes frustrating time a bit better.

Getting yourself or anyone a puppy is one of the happiest and exciting times in your life. Although with your new furry friend there are more responsibilities you will be expected to take on to make your puppy live a long and happy life. Some people have raised dogs throughout their lives and others; this is your first puppy ever. Training them will seem overwhelming at times because there are so many things they have to learn. In this post, we will give you first-time puppy owners some tips to handle training so your new puppy will live a happy and healthy life with you.  

House Training

Probably the most important thing to teach your new puppy is house training them. We’ve all been in a position when the puppy goes to the bathroom in the house, we’re upset at first, but when they look at you with those eyes, you’re not as mad anymore. To begin training your puppy is to put them on a regular schedule. Make sure that you feed them at the same time each day and take him outside to use the bathroom each time they eat, drink and wakes up from a nap. When the puppy does well reward them, and if they do use the bathroom in your home the punishments you think will work will only confuse and scare them.  


When you purchase your puppy, not all come with a puppy crate but if you want one you can purchase one at any pet store. It’s recommended that you shouldn’t keep your puppy longer than a few hours in your crate. If you have to leave your home for work or any period of time the puppy shouldn’t have free roam. There are so many things for the puppy to chew on, hide under or get hurt. Invest in a baby gate and keep your puppy in your kitchen or a small room in your home like a laundry room to prevent them from starting bad habits. Having your puppy learn where he can and can’t go will save you money on possible chewed on furniture and make sure he doesn’t eat something that could cause health problems down the road.


This step will probably be the most fun for your puppy. It’s recommended that your puppy doesn’t socialize with other dogs until recommended by a vet. Socializing will allow your puppy to get out and experience their new surroundings. New people, places, situations, and other dogs will help your puppy get acclimated with his or her new environment. When they get older because of all the socializing they will do, they will become well-adjusted. By being well adjusted with their new surroundings, they will become comfortable at places like the vet and groomer to make those appointments less stressful. If your dog isn’t getting acclimated as well look out for any behaviors that may seem troublesome like fear, aggression, and excessive barking.

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