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Microchipping Your Dog


Are worried about losing your dog if they should run away? In this post, we will discuss as to why you should have your dog microchipped.

Every year hundreds of dogs go missing every year and if they’re found they are taken to an animal shelter and they may or may not be reunited with their owners. In extreme cases, if those lost dogs aren’t reunited, they are euthanized. Even though most dogs have a collar with a charm with the owner’s information on it, the collar may slip off when the dog is missing. If you want to have a better chance of finding your dog if they should run away, it’s recommended that you get your dog microchipped.   

What Is Microchipping?

A microchip is a small glass cylinder the size of a grain of rice that contains a radio transmitter and a small electronic device that has the animal’s ID number. Thankfully this process doesn’t cost a lot averaging about $45. To have the microchip introduced it will have to be injected using a larger needle to house the microchip. Thankfully this will be a one time process because the chip will last for 25 years, longer than the lifespan of most dogs. It is important to know that this isn’t a tracking microchip that pinpoints where your pet is rather it’s an ID number. If your dog is lost and has been taken into an animal shelter the people there can scan for the microchip, then their ID number will be searched throughout the database, and if there’s a match, you will be notified your dog has been found and that you can come to pick them up.

Concerns and Health Problems

With every new technology, there is the possibility of something going wrong. Unbeknownst to most pet owners in the past microchips were available in three different frequencies 125 kilohertz, 128 kilohertz, and 134.2 kilohertz. Unfortunately some scanners were only compatible with a certain microchip, for example, a microchip that reacts to a 125-kilohertz scanner won’t react to a 134.2-kilohertz scanner. After a few instances of dogs not being able to be returned to their owners a universal scanner has been created and are in use at most animal shelters in the country. Another worry that some owners will have is any potential health problems because of the microchip. Most problems concerning the implant are that the chip has moved in the animal’s body or the microchip has been implanted in the wrong spot, although this won’t be a problem if you go to a qualified veterinarian. These instances have been deemed harmless although there have been isolated incidences of infections or abscesses happening.

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