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Protect Your Hairless Pet’s Skin This Season


Do you or someone you know own a hairless animal? Here are some tips on making sure their skin is always in pristine condition.

Having a hairless pet is great for those with possible animal allergies. Owning a hairless pet is perfect because you don’t have to worry about them shedding their winter coats once it gets warmer. Even though you don’t have to be concerned with fur, hairless pets have their issues you have to be aware of. In this post, we will discuss what you need to do to protect your hairless pet from any illnesses they could get if not taken care of properly. 

Bathe Them

If you are thinking of owning a hairless pet in the future, it is necessary that you bathe them more frequently than pets with more fur. These baths wash away any pollen, dirt, bacteria, debris, and pollutants that build upon their skin. If not taken care of this could cause skin irritations, allergies, and bacterial infections. By bathing them more regularly helps keep the natural skin oils that build upon hairless pets down. In other animals, these oils are absorbed by their fur, but since your pet is hairless, these oils won’t be able to be absorbed. That’s why if you see an oily spot on your bed or sofa it’s because of your hairless pet. 

Apply Sunblock

Unknown by most pet owners your favorite furry friend is susceptible to getting sunburned. Sunburning is a higher risk for any hairless pet, but by applying sunblock and other methods, your hairless friend will be safe.  If your pet plays outside or goes out for walks wait until the evening hours or early morning to protect them from the more powerful rays that occur throughout the day. If you have a hairless cat make sure to keep them indoors but if they do go outside ask your vet about safe sunscreen choices. Not all sunscreens and sunblocks are safe for your pets, there are products specifically made for dogs but if you can’t find them spray-on products for children works as well.  

Winter Coat  

Even though the weather is getting warmer your pet still gets cold. Without that insulating layer of hair, your pet needs something to help them stay warm. Purchasing a coat or sweater is ideal although it must cover your pet’s abdomen and goes all the way to the base of the tail. Be aware that some pets will refuse to wear a coat or sweater because it’s too tight and doesn’t allow them to move freely. Remember that hairless pets can become overheated if they start to pull or scratch the sweater it’s fine to take it off for a while. If you don’t want to purchase a sweater or coat for your pet, there are other items you can buy to help them out.  A heated bed can be a great substitute.

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