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Why Dental Care is Crucial for Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Dental Care

Dental care for your furry friend is very important.

Keeping your cat healthy is important. With proper pet care, you can enjoy years of happy and healthy fun with your furry friends. But how do you know what your cat needs to stay healthy when they can’t communicate aches and pains to you? Many times, cats will not show signs of oral discomfort, so dental problems and gum diseases like gingivitis can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Regular dental care can help you keep your pets healthy and able to enjoy life comfortably.

Common Dental Problems

There are several common dental problems that cats frequently deal with. These include gingivitis and periodontitis which commonly go undiagnosed, often causing oral health issues for older cats over time. This can lead to tooth loss and difficulty eating for many cats in old age. Plaque buildup and mouth sores can also go unnoticed in cats, and these can lead to greater issues for your cat’s health. To avoid stubborn oral health issues in your cat, look for symptoms like drooling, pawing at the mouth, and even chronic bad breath.

Gum Disease in Cats

Gum disease is a big concern for keeping your cat healthy, because if it goes untreated, gingivitis can become irreversible. This can cause serious health problems in your cat that can make it difficult for them to eat. This leads to discomfort and tooth loss, but if caught early, gum disease can be treated to avoid worsening health issues.

Proper Dental Hygiene

Many veterinarians recommend a nutritional basis for good oral health in cats. A good diet can help keep your cat’s gums and teeth clean and healthy, in addition to semi-annual exams and even a teeth cleaning routine. Always be sure to mention chronic bad breath or other possible symptoms of oral discomfort to your vet to try and prevent problems early. Many dental diseases will require x-ray diagnosis, so communicating with your vet is crucial for your cat’s dental health.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

Many veterinarians recommend establishing a regular teeth cleaning routine when your cat is young, but what makes a good feline dental hygiene routine? You’ll want to clean your cat’s teeth in addition to their annual examination based on a few factors. Brushing your cat’s teeth with special feline dental equipment will allow you to clean their teeth regularly based on their needs. This routine will depend on their age, lifestyle, and any pre-existing conditions.

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