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Types of Cat Flea and Tick Prevention

Types of Cat Flea and Tick Prevention

Prepare your cat for the great outdoors (and indoors) with the right flea and tick prevention treatment.

Tis the season to be cautious! Whether your cat enjoys the indoors, the outdoors, or both, your feline friend must beware of ticks and fleas. Ticks can carry the plague and cat scratch fever, and fleas carry Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and many more diseases. If your cat has caught a tick or flea, he or she will likely display itching, rashes, and great discomfort. Many products exist to help prevent and treat that problem, but a cat owner must use them properly. Discover the types of flea and tick prevention for your cat listed below.


Shampooing your cat is effective as a base for flea and tick prevention. Using a non-toxic, mild, yet highly-effective shampoo will avoid harming your cat, give protection, and add the benefit of clean and healthy skin and fur.


A spray can protect your cat also, especially after getting a flea prevention shampoo. We recommend only using on-occasion sprays. These can be non-toxic and safe for both your cat and your family. They can even be applied to the cat’s bedding. To apply, spray all over the cat (avoiding getting in the eyes, nose, and mouth of course), and massage the formula into the skin. 

Topical Medication

A monthly topical medication is a popular option which we always recommend. A topical medication, also known as a spot-on treatment, is medicine applied and massaged into the fur. The medication is safe and effective for killing and fending off fleas and ticks. 

Oral Medication

We also highly recommend a monthly oral medication as an alternative to topical. Cats tend to respond very well to these. When fed the appropriate dosage on a full stomach, your cat will have the best results in keeping fleas and ticks away. Oral tablets can be safer for younger cats and pregnant cats also. 


Most products are not safe for kittens, cats under a certain weight, or pregnant cats. Cats with sensitive skin can also have bad reactions to products. Before you decide what kind of protection your cat should get, check with your veterinarian before getting anything unprescribed by your veterinarian. 

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