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5 Tips to Prevent Overheating in Dogs

5 Tips to Prevent Overheating in Dogs

Summer’s here! Mind these tips when taking your dog into the summer sun.

When the days warm up and the hot summer sun starts to shine, enthusiasm for spending time outside with your dog begins to rise. You can’t wait to enjoy the warmer weather with your best friend. Before you jump into the car or get out onto the sidewalk for your next outing, remember that just as much as you need to beat the heat, so much more does your pet. If your dog overheats, he or she can become lethargic, sick, and even lose consciousness. To prevent this from happening, practice these 5 tips to prevent overheating in your pet.

1. Never Keep Dog in a Car on Warm Days

Perhaps the most infamous of pet owner mistakes, keeping your dog in a car on a warm day is a big no-no. Never ever do it. Even on a relatively cool, 70 degrees Fahrenheit day, the internal temperature of a car can reach staggering heights in mere minutes. Never let your dog stay in a warm car for even a short time or with the windows cracked.

2. Don’t Let It Walk on Hot Pavement

Hot pavement can burn the undersides of your dog’s paws. The heat from pavement or a blacktop can also overheat your dog, especially if it walks closer to the ground. Remember to keep your dog’s paws in mind when the ground is hot.

3. Take Walks in the Cooler Parts of Day

A good solution for the hot pavement problem is to take your dog on walks in the cooler times of day like the early morning and in the evening. This way the heat will not adversely effect you or your dog as much. Plus, you both still get some exercise.

4. Provide Fresh Drinking Water at All Hours

Dehydration and overheating go hand-in-hand. No matter what type of pet dog you have, whether small or large, whether working in the field or lazing on the porch, provide fresh, cool water so they can rehydrate whenever they need to. In heat dogs can dehydrate quickly as well as heat up, which is why cool water at tongue is a good precaution to have.  

5. Recognize Signs of Overheating in Dogs

It is best to recognize the signs of overheating in your dog just in case of an emergency. Symptoms include: heavy panting, excessive thirst, glazed eyes, bright or dark red tongue, weakness/collapse, vomiting or diahrea, seizures, and unconsciousness. Call the vet immediately. Ways to presently alleviate overheating is to wet your dog with cool water all over, take him into the shade, and wet his tongue.

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