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How to Give Your Dog Proper Dental Care

How to Give Your Dog Proper Dental Care

Keep your dog smiling with these routine dental practices!

You may have heard that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular cleaning. Just like humans, pet dogs need their routine brushing and flossing too. Gum disease, precluded by plaque build-up, tartar deposits, and bleeding gums, can just as easily happen to dogs as well. When the teeth suffer, disease and infection can spread to the organs, causing serious health concerns. A lack of proper dental care can be more serious than you’d think! To keep your dog’s mouth happy and healthy, read some of the best practices on caring for your dog’s dental hygiene below.

Brush Teeth Every Day

Brushing your pet’s teeth once a day is best, but brushing several days per week works well also. It’s best to start the brushing routine when your dog is a puppy, but dogs past the puppy stage can also learn to accept brushing time through gentle, gradual, and rewarding means. Toothbrushes for humans are okay to use, but dog toothbrushes, which can be angled and double-ended to get under the gum line, are better suited for the process. Use only canine toothpaste, since human toothpaste cannot be ingested. These come in a variety of meaty flavors as well as peanut butter flavor. Reward your dog with a treat, play, or a massage to make it a happy experience.

Visit the Vet

Visit the vet every 6 to 12 months for a dental check-up and professional cleaning. Besides a stellar cleaning, the vet will give a thorough evaluation and catch any serious problems, such as a cracked tooth. Your dog will need anesthesia for the check-up so he or she can keep still. Visit your vet immediately if your dog has any of the bad dental health signs: bad breath, loose or missing tooth, bleeding gums, refusal to eat, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, or yellowed teeth.

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