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Why Rats Make Fantastic Pets

Why Rats Make Fantastic Pets

Looking for a small but personable pet? A pet rat could be the answer.

The most popular pet choice is either a dog or a cat, but have you considered getting a rat? If you are initially disgusted at the thought, it’s understandable. Yet this is not an accurate perspective. The common conception of rats as invasive, plague-carrying vermin puts the rodents in a sadly limited light. These creatures as pets can pleasantly exceed your expectations. With their many wonderful qualities, your idea of having a rat as a pet may turn into a positive possibility.

Fantastic Qualities of Rats

Rats Are Clean: Despite the common notion, rats are fastidious in their cleanliness. Not only does this include their own cleanness, it also pertains to the tidiness of their surroundings. Rats are meticulous groomers, hardly ever requiring an actual bath. They also like their space to be clean, organizing their food into neat piles and making sure everything is in order.

Rats Are Smart: Rats are great problem-solvers, able to quickly figure out how to solve puzzles and problems. They are also able to recognize names and come when called and are even capable of learning tricks. Studies have shown that rats are notably self-aware to the point that they can feel regret for wrong actions.

Rats Are Agile: A rat, like a cat, is able to handle physical challenges that come their way. They have dexterous little hands and are also able to swim.

Rats Are Empathetic: Rats are capable of emotion and of caring for other animals and even humans. A rat can see the emotion of pain in the faces of humans and other rats, and may likely respond in comfort.

Rats Are Quiet: If you like a quiet environment or live in a space requiring a quieter atmosphere such as an apartment, a rat may be a prime option for you. Besides their little squeaks, rats are exceedingly low-volume pets.

Rats Are Personable Companions: A rat will create a strong, lifelong bond with its owner. They are loyal and personable creatures, able to submit to the owner as to the leader of the rat pack. Because they are social creatures, rats enjoy cuddling with their owner, hanging out on the couch with the family, and taking a snooze on your shoulder or lap. Unfortunately, they only live for two to three years, but owning a rat will make a worthy companion regardless.

A Note on Rat Care

Rats require certain care that must not be overlooked. They must not be kept in areas of the house that are too cold or too hot. They also may fall prey to various medical conditions, such as breast tumors, respiratory disease, and uterine infection. Rats need social activity and exercise outside the cage, and a rat-proofed house. With proper care, rats can live a fulfilling life.

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