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What Is the Best Diet for Dogs?

What Is the Best Diet for Dogs?

Is one way to feed your pet dog better than another? Is there one ideal? Find out more here.

If you have a pet dog or are thinking of getting one, you may likely be concerned with how to feed your newfound companion best. Should you feed it with commercial food, or should you go organic? Does your dog need a special diet, or is there a one-size-fits-all? Find out below a little more about what the best diet for dogs is.

There Is None

Yes, that’s right. Just as each human being is a uniquely-formed individual with slightly different dietary needs than the next person, so canines also have varying food preferences. A beneficial diet can depend on age, breed, and other factors. While one can look at general trends for what makes a healthy dog’s diet, the way you determine your dog’s best diet is through minimal trial and error. Even as your dog grows and ages, though, his or her dietary needs will change.

In History

To some extent, history may show signs of what the best diet for dogs may generally be. As we know that wolves may have their distant relations to the dogs we know and love today, we can begin to understand their right diet from there. Wolves—and all canines—are often considered to be carnivores. However, even wolves are not truly carnivorous but have the capacity to be omnivorous. Dogs have, for centuries, even up to the mid-1800s, got their sustenance through table scraps, which consisted of many foods from grains to vegetables to meats. However, experts do not condone feeding your dog table scraps as part of a healthy diet. They do recommend the appropriate pet food that meets their omnivorous, yet primarily carnivorous, needs.

A Balance of Sufficient Nutrients

In our times, pet owners have considered alternatives. Some suggest feeding their dog a plant-based diet, a no-grain diet, an organic one, and a plethora of other variants. It is best to have a measure of each food group, but the main concern is the nutrients rather than the ingredients. When human beings eat a plant-based diet, they need to make up the nutrients they would get in meat, like protein and calcium, with other foods. Training your dog to eat a different diet than usual will require thorough research on the topic. If you have any further questions on what the best diet for dogs may be, ask Everhart Veterinary Hospital! 

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