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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Have a great Thanksgiving! Remember to keep your pet dog safe all the way.

Thanksgiving is the time when families gather together to enjoy America’s most traditional meal of turkey and all the sides. It is a time of festivity and community, and your pets are no less a part of it. Amid the bustle of catching up with relatives, handling dishes, and possibly traveling, do not forget to keep your dog out of harm’s way. Check out these Thanksgiving pet safety tips for a smooth holiday.

Around the House

How guests may react to your pet dog, and how your dog might react to them, is something to consider. You probably know how shy or excitable your pet is around new people; if you are concerned with your dog’s or your guests’ nerves, put your pet in a separate room and make the place comfortable with a blanket and favorite toy. If the problem is severe, you can contact your vet for information on how to help your dog.

As guests enter and exit, keep an eye on the door so that your pet does not rush outdoors and get lost. Even if you are confident that that will not happen, make your pet easier to find through microchipping or a collar with up-to-date contact information.

Meanwhile, never leave your pet alone in a room with festive decorations like candles or specific plant species that are poisonous to dogs or cats. Eye-catching ornaments catch the attention of animals too.

Foods to Avoid

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and time for fellowship before and afterward, make sure that your dog does not ingest anything toxic to him or her. Not all foods are safe for canines. Poultry bones, fatty foods like turkey skin, and sweets can be life-threatening to your pet. Even everyday foods like onions, grapes, garlic, and dairy are toxic substances to them. Always keep Thanksgiving food above the table and secure scraps from your dog’s inquisitive nose.

Safe Travels

If you have travel plans, secure your dog properly within the car. If you are traveling across states, get a certificate of health from your vet beforehand. If you are taking an airplane, see your vet for advice on how well your pet can manage the flight. Get up-to-date on your pet’s vaccinations if need be. When all is done to ensure your pet’s safety this Thanksgiving, relax, stay safe, and enjoy the feast!   

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