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What to Do Before Getting a New Pet

What to Do Before Getting a New Pet

Before you get a pet, it’s best to be well prepared! Below are several tips that could apply to any future pet owner.

Getting a new pet of any kind is a monumental decision, even life-changing. You’ll be inviting a new member of the family into your home, a new life that needs ample care and love. No matter what kind of pet you plan to own, whether it is a cat, dog, or small mammal, there are several principle steps you’ll want to take before getting a new pet at all. 

Consider Lifestyle

The first few steps eliminate the potential of getting a new pet that you cannot keep, which is a sad reality for those who might not have prepared for the responsibility beforehand. First, consider your lifestyle. Will you be able to care for an animal if you travel a lot or work full-time? Can you give the adequate care and attention it needs to thrive? 

Consider Health Issues

If your lifestyle is well-suited to caring for a creature great or small, consider health issues next. Do you have a family member that is allergic to cats or certain dog breeds? If so, you might want to avoid getting that particular kind of pet. After all, the health of your family comes first.

Consider Other Restrictions

Other restrictions will narrow down the type of pet that might suit your home best. One clear deciding factor will be whether your community allows you to have a pet, especially if you live in an apartment complex. Some apartments may also ban certain breeds. 

Moreover, the land itself could be an issue. If your property includes very little land, it might be a problem for a dog that needs lots of acreage to run around. If not, it’s best if you have access to a park or hiking trail.

Research Well

Pets require in-depth care, from healthcare to social interaction to mental stimulation. A good pet parent is an informed pet parent. The wisest way to be prepared for any pet situation is to read up on all you need to know on caring for your particular pet, down to its breed. This research will help you be ready for the last step.

Be Prepared

You’ve checked off all the boxes by now: whether you are allowed to own a pet, what kind you can have, and what that particular species needs for thriving. Now, you can finally prepare your home. Be prepared to spend at least a few thousand dollars in the first year on vaccinations, microchipping, pet-proofing, bedding, feeding, grooming, toys, insurance, vet visits, etc. At last, you’ll be set to welcome in your new furry friend!

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