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Why a Dog Barks Excessively

Why a Dog Barks Excessively

Does your dog bark excessively? Here are reasons why this unusual behavior might occur.

Understanding your dog is a significant part of how to respond to its unusual or unwanted behaviors. One of the most common issues in which misunderstandings can occur is barking, which in excess could be due to one of many causes and needs attention. If your dog barks excessively, consider whether it is because of any of these reasons.

Health Issue

Canines naturally want to hide their pain or discomfort when they are ill. Showing vulnerability can make them a target in the wild. While hiding and lethargy may be two signs of pain in dogs, barking more often could also be a symptom. Contact your vet to ensure that your dog is healthy before attempting to correct the behavior in any other way.


Aging can make your pet dog produce more noises of all kinds, including frequent barking. Should your pet come down with canine cognitive dysfunction, which is similar to Alzheimer’s, it may begin vocalizing more often without even realizing it. Ask your vet if this could be the cause of the issue.


Dogs are territorial creatures, and barking at people and other animals is a common way for them to fend off the trespasser. This behavior, while acceptable in guard dogs under threat, is annoying to neighborhoods everywhere. Early training or help from a specialist can help your dog to change.

Fear or Anxiety

Frequent barking can also happen because of your pet’s fear or anxiety, separation anxiety being the most common. If your dog barks excessively due to a frightening object, you can help it by removing the source or training it not to be afraid. If your dog lacks the companionship it needs or fears separation, more quality time and training can help.


On the other hand, a dog that barks excessively may be just a very vocal and friendly dog. Barking can be positive as well as negative, and sometimes can just be a friendly “hello.” If your dog vocalizes more than is normal or comfortable, you can train it to speak appropriately. Easier said than done, this can take some time, but can be well worth the effort. If you have any questions about your dog’s health and habits, contact Everhart Veterinary Medicine today!

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