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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Eating grass is common with canines; here’s why it might happen.

Canines can have an appetite for more or less anything, which can disgust their human owners. Among the array of delicacies that they may try, grass is the most common plant species that they consume. Worse, some dogs will promptly vomit after the feast. It baffles many a dog owner, but experts agree that the reason dogs eat grass is still unknown. Your dog’s curious habit could be due to one of several reasons.


One reason that dogs eat grass could be boredom. There may be plenty of space to roam in the backyard, but not much to do. A nibble or binge on the green blades can help pass the time. Consider whether your dog is getting enough mental and social stimulation. A new chew toy or more personal time could help reduce the urge. Enforcing a routine exercise time could also help.


Some dogs may simply like the taste of grass. If they are interested in waste products, sticks, and other inedibles, grass may also be on the menu. Some believe that canines may be naturally omnivorous, and point to some wild dogs that do eat vegetation. Dogs may also go for grass because of the nutrients within it. Before switching your pet to a high-fiber diet, though, contact your veterinarian to see how your pet’s diet could improve.

Stomach Illness

A more serious yet rarer reason is that your dog has a gastrointestinal illness. A dog with stomach distress might eat grass to self-medicate, using the tickling blades to induce vomiting or relieve the discomfort. Should your dog show other symptoms of sickness, like lethargy, lack of interest, and loss of appetite, go see your vet at once to diagnose the issue.

Is Eating Grass Dangerous?

Many veterinarians urge owners to relax when it comes to dogs eating grass. In itself, it is not a harmful activity. However, you should keep your dog away from the grass and plants if they have been treated with pesticides, herbicides, or other lawn care chemicals. If anything, it doesn’t hurt to add some cooked vegetables to your pet’s diet instead.

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