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3 Signs of Dog Toothaches

3 Signs of Dog Toothaches

Dog toothaches are common; here are the signs.

Although it’s a popular belief that dog’s mouths are cleaner than people’s, oral disease is one of the most common canine medical conditions. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your dog is suffering from a dental disease, since dogs instinctively try to hide any sign of vulnerability. Because dog toothaches tend to be so common, though, one should keep a lookout for these three signs.

1. Bad Breath

Bad breath and red, unhealthy gums are a sign of dental disease in both humans and pets. Dogs with decent oral hygiene typically do not have a smelly breath, so a foul odor should signify that something is severely wrong. Along with a horrendous smell, you may also find tartar buildup in its mouth or even blood on its chew toys.

2. Chewing Little

Another indicator of oral discomfort is a lack of chewing. Your dog might start to avoid playing with its favorite toys or eating only wet foods instead of dry. It may not be a sign that your dog is picky, but rather, in pain. When your pet is chewing, its mouth sounds may be louder or more annoying than usual, also.

3. Irritated Face

Some dogs may paw at the side of their face in their discomfort. One may also keep you from touching its face. Sometimes, dog toothaches can make the face swell on one side and around the eye. If you notice your pet’s face is swollen, call your vet at once.

Caring For Your Dog’s Teeth

A toothache can happen to any dog, even if proper hygiene practices are in place. However, daily dental care is necessary to prevent dog toothaches from happening so frequently. If you notice the signs in your dog, take it to the vet as soon as possible for expert treatment. 

At home, brush your dog’s teeth every day with a toothpaste designed for dogs. It is generally best to do so every night before it goes to bed. Dental chew toys and vet-approved supplements can also promote oral health, along with your dog’s annual dental checkup at the vet.  

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