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5 Fall Health Tips for Your Dog this November

5 Fall Health Tips for Your Dog this November

With November finally here, now is a great time to get outside with your dog and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

With November finally here, now is a great time to get outside with your dog and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! While the comfortable temperatures are especially appealing for spending time outdoors before winter, there are a few critical health concerns to keep in mind before the temperatures drop again. As you soak up these last few weeks of fall before the holidays, consider these five essential health tips for your dog this November.

Keep Your Dog Away from Rodenticides Outdoors

Because rodents are such a growing concern as temperatures drop, your neighbors and local business owners may be turning to the help of rodenticides this fall. With this, it is especially important to keep your dog away from these dangerous chemicals and potentially dead rodents, as they can subject your dog to dangerous diseases and digestive issues.

Continuously Check for Ticks

While summer may be over, we are not out of the woods with tick season just yet. In keeping this in mind, it is crucial to check your dog for ticks this fall continuously. It is also best to continue applying tick control products to your pet this season to prevent potentially serious tick-borne illnesses.

Keep Your Dog Away from Mushrooms in the Woods

As silly as it may sound, mushrooms growing in the woods during fall months can be especially harmful to your pets if ingested. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep your dog away from mushrooms in the woods so that they do not see these harmful fungi as a tasty snack while walking outside.

Use Caution with Seasonal Decorations

Although certain fall and winter decorations may look nice around your house, they may not always work for homes with dogs. Holiday decorations that are sharp, or those that could be easily ingested, should be kept away from pets at all times during the holiday season.

Avoid Hearty Foods and Abnormal Feeding During the Holidays

It may seem tempting to slip your dog a slice of turkey or a taste of dessert, but a spoonful of stuffing could also cause some serious digestive issues for your dog. As the holiday season of Thanksgiving meals and cookie baking approaches, be sure to stay on top of your dog’s regular feeding schedule and meals to keep them healthy and on track this season.

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