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7 Signs that Your Cat is Happy in Your Home

7 Signs that Your Cat is Happy in Your Home

Knowing how to recognize if your cat is happy in your home can be tough.

The personalities of cats can be especially complicated to understand. One moment they are affectionate and receptive of petting, and the next they are on the attack! Knowing how to recognize if your cat is happy in your home can be tough. However, there are a few reliable signs to look for that will indicate if your pet is feeling at home in their environment. Consider these seven signs that your cat is happy in your home.  

Healthy Appetite for Meals

Cats share a lot of information about their well being through their appetites. Like humans, they can be prone to stress and boredom eating. When your cat is healthy, and in good spirits, they should eat a consistent but not excessive amount. Too much and too little can be signs of a variety of problems.

Regular Greetings

It is not always easy to determine their emotion, but if a cat greets you in the morning or when you arrive home it’s a sign of a happy and comfortable cat.  


When a cat is comfortable and content they will purr to express their feelings. If your cat seems to purr at inappropriate times, their purring may be a sign that there is something wrong and they are trying to comfort themselves.  

Regular Grooming

When cats are in pain or unhappy, they tend to stop cleaning themselves, which makes grooming an excellent reference for mood. If your cat decides to groom you, it’s a sign that they are treating you as one of their pride, a great honor for any devoted cat owner.

Playful Demeanor

Depending on age the urge to play may be more or less dramatic, but in general, cats only play when they are content. If your cat plays, it means you’re meeting all of their larger needs.

Rubbing Against You

Cats mark their territory by rubbing against things with their faces and bodies. When a cat bumps it’s head against you it usually means it wants to spend more time with you.

Regular Use of the Litter Box

One recognizable sign that your cat is angry or sick is if they are defecating outside of their litter box. While some cats may spray to mark their territory, for most it’s a sign of a more significant problem.

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