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Are Yearly Check-Ups Necessary for Dogs?

Are Yearly Check-Ups Necessary for Dogs?

Does your pet really need yearly check-ups? The answer is more or less crucial depending on age.

We love our dogs and want the best for them, but one may ask, “Are yearly check-ups really necessary?” Your dog may seem healthy enough and not need the yearly visit to the vet. However, whether your pet is young, middle-aged, or old, you’ll find those yearly check-ups are both necessary and beneficial.

What Is a Yearly Check-Up?

At a yearly check-up, your dog receives a thorough look at its overall health. Your vet will check the ears, eyes, and teeth, heart, lungs, and organs, and joints and bones. She’ll check for ticks and fleas, the dog’s skin and fur, and ask about lifestyle habits like diet, exercise, and behaviors. She might also give your dog a blood or urine test. Your vet is highly knowledgeable on canine health and can point you in the right direction and spot early signs of sickness. 

Check-Ups for Puppies

When asking how necessary the annual check-up is, one should consider how old the dog is. In particular, puppies need to participate in a vaccination schedule that will protect them against a number of infectious and deadly canine diseases like kennel cough and distemper. There are usually three visits in total with a few weeks between each round. Maryland law requires canines to have a rabies vaccination and a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection in order to cross state borders unless the dog is under four months old.

Check-Ups for Older Dogs

Adult dogs usually receive vaccinations every few years. Some vaccines are annual, but recently this timetable has become controversial. You will want to talk with your vet before deciding on yearly injections. Otherwise, your vet can still catch minor and major health issues that could go easily unnoticed.

When a dog becomes a senior at around eight years of age, it will likely need more attention than not, since more problems are likely to arise. Vets usually suggest getting a check-up semi-annually and may perform more extensive testing. Are yearly check-ups necessary for your dog? Getting looked over by a professional never hurts, and the answer also is more crucial, depending on the age.

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