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Brushing and Bathing Your Cat

Brushing and Bathing Your Cat

Proper brushing and bathing will keep your cat’s fur healthy and clean.

One might think at first that a cat needs very little grooming since it diligently grooms itself all day. However, depending on the length of your cat’s hair, you will need to practice routine grooming more or less frequently. Bathing, whether at the vet or in the home, can also necessary to keep your cat clean. Below we shall look at the basics of brushing and bathing your cat.


There are many types of brushes and combs one can get for the grooming of their cat on the market. Some are double-sided, some are fine-toothed, and some are for specific purposes besides getting out the knots in your cat’s hair. The kind of brush or comb you want depends on how long your cat’s fur is. A short-haired cat will need less frequent grooming with a fine-toothed comb or rubber brush, while a long-haired one will need brushing daily or weekly with a wide-toothed comb or wire-pin brush. 


As for bathing, it is well known that most cats are not fond of water. A cat owner can take the cat to a vet for washing, or do it at home. It is possible to make the experience as soothing as possible. If the bathtub is too big a space for your cat’s comfort, you can try a plastic tub or the bathroom sink. All you need is a few inches of lukewarm water or enough to cover your cat’s paws and some cat-friendly shampoo. It is best to bathe your cat when it is at its calmest, which you can do by giving it some play and exercise beforehand.

Matted Hair

If you find your cat has a spot of matted hair, be sure to remove it properly. First, try to tease it apart with your fingers, starting at the roots and working toward the end of the hair. If this does not work, think twice before using the scissors, as these can accidentally cut your cat’s skin. Depending on the severity of the matting, it is best to get a veterinarian to remove it.

If Your Cat Hates Brushing

Most cats love a peaceful brushing session, but if your cat hates the feel of it, there are ways to change its mind over time. It is best to start young so that your cat grows used to it quicker. Even so, brushing a little at a time when your cat is most relaxed can teach it to accept longer brushings. Start with the head and chin, and go in the direction of the hair. Eventually, your cat will learn to love it. 

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