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Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Winter is coming! Take care of your pets this season with these tips.

The cold weather is here to stay for Maryland past November, and you and your pets can’t help but feel the chill. While you will heat your home and bundle up in coats and sweaters, your pets will also need appropriate care to keep them well. Whether you have a cat or a dog, check out these cold weather safety tips for pets.

Provide Shelter & Warmth

Dogs and cats feel the cold as much as human beings, even if they do have a winter coat. If your pet stays outside for a lengthy amount of time for any reason, be sure to provide it with a place of shelter to stay insulated from the elements. You can find attractive outdoor houses for dogs and cats that come with the great comfort of an electric heating pad.

Provide Ample Food & Water

Animals need more food and water to stay warm in cold weather. If your pet stays outside, provide enough food and fresh water daily for its needs. When providing fresh water, serve it in a plastic water bowl. If the bowl is metal, the pet’s tongue could stick to the metal in the cold.

Bundle UpĀ 

Short-haired dogs especially need a winter coat when taking a walk, especially an extended one. If you are feeling chilly, your dog likely feels that way as well. Your dog might also need a winter coat if it is a senior dog, a puppy, walks close to the ground, or does not retain heat well.

Keep Clean

Road salt and deicers can stick to your pets’ paws in the winter, and if they lick their paws, they can ingest toxins. Wipe your pets’ paws after a walk and make sure they continue to be well-groomed throughout the cold season.

Keep Poisons Away

Speaking of toxins, keep poisons like deicers away from your pets at all costs. Antifreeze is another chemical to keep away from your pet. If your pet ingests any known poison, such as antifreeze, rock salt, or another type of deicer, call your vet at once. For your own property, you could use a non-toxic deicer like sand or non-clumping kitty litter instead.

Car Engine Caution

In very cold weather, cats are known to climb under the hood of the car to keep warm. Check under your hood before you start up the engine, particularly if you don’t know the whereabouts of your pet.

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