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How to Give Your Dog a Thanksgiving Dinner


Your dog can also enjoy the bounty of Thanksgiving with these dog-friendly ideas.

Thanksgiving is approaching sooner than we might realize; the weeks or days preceding this special holiday come with preparations for the annual feast. According to online reports, about a third of Marylanders own a dog. A pet dog is by no means a small part of a family, and it is natural to want to include your pet in the celebrations. If you’re wondering how to give your dog a Thanksgiving dinner, keep reading below!

Never Feed Your Dog Food from the Dinner Table

As you are reading this post, you likely know that it is best not to feed your dog food from the dinner table. There are many foods that are toxic, indeed deadly, to dogs that are nutritious for human beings. Even if you are familiar with what is toxic or healthy for dogs, it is generally best to keep the people food for people and dog food for dogs. Also, do not feed your pet bones; these bones can damage your pet’s mouth or internal system.

What Thanksgiving Ingredients Can You Give Your Dog?

Even so, many of the ingredients in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner are healthy for dogs. Turkey, sweet potatoes, white or yellow potatoes, green beans, and cranberries are all healthy for the canine diet. However, you must not feed your dog your Thanksgiving leftovers, as the seasoning, sugar, fat, and additional ingredients are toxic to dogs.

Ways to Give Your Dog a Thanksgiving Dinner

Find Dog-Friendly Recipes Online

You can find many dog-friendly Thanksgiving recipes online; you can probably also find healthy cookbooks for dogs as well! These recipes create countless versions of nutritional, delicious meals good enough for a five-star canine Thanksgiving feast. Recipes include meatloaf, hash, cobbler, and a myriad of healthy treats.

Create a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

If you are not interested in following a separate recipe for your dog’s Thanksgiving meal, you can create a dog-safe version of your own Thanksgiving dinner and serve it to your pet. Remove all ingredients that are bad for your pet, such as salt, butter, spices, poultry skin, etc. Serve only cooled down, cooked ingredients such as turkey, potatoes, and green beans, and your pet can safely and satisfactorily join in the feast. 

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