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Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

cat in Christmas tree

Christmas decor and pets can be a hazardous mix if proper precautions aren’t taken.

The Christmas season is upon us! Families can celebrate this holiday in many different ways, but on the whole, it is a time of festive decorations, feasting, and gathering together. However you celebrate, your pets will be a part of it. Pets might not interact with Christmas festivities the way people do, which could cause some calamity. Avoid a Christmas mishap with these Christmas safety tips for pets.

Keep Your Pet Indoors

When the weather gets cold, keep your pets indoors except for daily walks. Pet owners should not leave their pets outdoors all hours of the day in the winter; if you have outdoor pets, provide a warm and comfortable outdoor shelter. For indoor pets, provide plenty of toys and activities for mental stimulation. 

Don’t Let Them Eat Toxic Foods

Cats and dogs both have a long list of human foods that are toxic to them. They certainly do not have the same dietary needs as we do! You can see the list of foods cats should never eat and dogs should never eat through the appropriate links. 

The point is that during the Christmas season, you will want to remember to keep your pet away from the many ingredients and dishes that could be delicious to us but deadly to them. They could even include scrap bones, which could hurt your pet’s mouth and digestive tract.

Don’t Let Pets Ingest Christmas Items

Cats, dogs, and other pets are more prone to eat or drink your Christmas decorations rather than appreciate them from a distance. Training can help if your cat or dog is tempted to ingest any Christmas or winter items. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Plants: Christmas tree needles can damage a pet’s digestive tract. Other plants like ivy, poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe are toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Decorations: Do not let your pets chew on Christmas lights, tinsel, etc. Keep Christmas decorations away from the very bottom of the tree, and keep your cat from climbing it too.
  • Christmas tree water: If you have a live tree, do not let your pet drink the water feeding your Christmas tree. It could contain harmful chemicals.
  • Fire starters: Firestarter bricks are handy for helping your logs catch fire but harmful to your pets if they chew on them. Keep firestarter logs in a safe and secure place.

Keep Emergency Info on Hand

Although you should not expect it, it is always better to be prepared. Should any unexpected medical emergency happen to your pet, you can get help sooner when you have your vet’s number and hours on hand. 

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