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Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Pet

Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Pet

Make the most of this fall season for you and your pet to have some fun!

The leaves are changing color, and the temperatures are dropping. Fall is in full swing and nigh to Halloween! The fall and festivities are not only for humans to enjoy; pets can just as well get in on the fun. Here are some ways to actively involve your pet in your fall activities.

Jump in the Leaves

You don’t have to go far to keep it simple. If you have a yard with a tree or two, you have ample material to give you and your pet some entertainment. Jumping in leaves is a classic for everyone; some pets can really get into it!

Go on a Hike

Another simple way to enjoy the season is to go on a hike. Maryland has plenty of fantastic parks, large and small, to take your dog on a scenic walk. You can get the last bit of outdoor exercise for the year and breathe in some fresh air.

Patches and Orchards

Maryland is home to numerous pumpkin patches and apple orchards. Picking pumpkins and apples is always great family fun, and gives your pet a chance to run around in a new and safe environment.

Halloween Maze for Pets

Don’t be fooled; Halloween can be for pets too! One way to give both you and your pet some fun is to create an indoor haunted maze or agility course for him to go through! You can buy plenty of effective and inexpensive props to create a tunnel of ghoulish surprises with a treat at the end.

Costume Party

Pets are social animals, so why not have a pet costume party? Get your dog’s canine friends together and enjoy a Halloween costume bash! You can even have a contest to see who pulls off the best owner-pet costume duo.


Lastly, you can also take your pet out for trick-or-treating with the family. Your dog can make a great companion and enjoy the socializing—in costume, too! Your dog or cat could also become part of the Halloween theatrics: every time the doorbell rings, your black cat can run across the entrance before your visitors’ eyes.

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