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How to Introduce a Kitten to Your Dog

How to Introduce a Kitten to Your Dog

Introducing a second pet takes gradual steps. Read more about it here!

These current times of staying at home more often have given an excellent opportunity to introduce a new pet to the family. Cats and dogs are both wonderful creatures, so why not have one of each? If you want to introduce a kitten to your dog, here are the steps to take.

Welcome to Kitten Home

Whether you have other pets or not, introducing a new kitten to your home requires the same procedure. Your kitten will need to get used to your house, and you will need to get to know your kitten. This process can take a little time, from a few days to two weeks. While your new kitten is in its room, do not allow your dog into the same space just yet.

Integrate Slowly

You can help your dog prepare for the introduction by affirming your affection for it, even with the scent of another pet nearby. Allow the pets to get to know one another’s scents. You might first exchange blankets bearing their scents, and then let them into each other’s rooms while the other is absent. The more gradually you can introduce the two, the better.

First Meeting

Meeting for the first time is exciting. At the same time, you want both of your pets to be used to each other’s presence and not become overexcited or even aggressive. The safest measure to take is to keep your kitten in its box and your dog on its leash during the first meeting, or until both are calm around one another. 

Kitten First

Next, perhaps in the second round of meetings, you can introduce your kitten to your dog by allowing it to roam freely while your dog is on its lead. You may especially want to take this step if your dog is rambunctious or prey-driven. Since most dogs can hurt a small kitten, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dog Next

Next, when your dog is fully relaxed around your kitten, you can let the dog and cat roam free. It’s important to monitor their interactions in the early weeks to make sure they behave and connect well. This entire process can take weeks, so do not be discouraged if it seems to take a longer time than expected. If trouble persists, contact your vet for expert advice.

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