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It’s National Foster a Pet Month!

It’s National Foster a Pet Month!

Learn more about National Foster a Pet Month and how you can be involved.

One can find a pet-related holiday on any month of the year, and each month has multiple pet or animal holidays. For example, June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month, but it is also National Foster a Pet Month! Learn more about this celebration and how you can be a part of it.

National Foster a Pet Month

National Foster a Pet Month helps encourage everyday pet owners and anyone interested in having pets to care for shelter animals that do not have a home. Fostering animals has increased in the past few years, let alone decades, as people have found ways to give more animals the happy life they deserve. Animals that did not have homes traditionally ended up being euthanized; today, the U.S still invites more people to save an animal’s life.

Why Foster a Pet?

Help a Pet Get Adopted

Participating in National Foster a Pet Month or fostering animals at all helps those animals to get adopted. It starts by giving the pet a comfortable home. Animals that might be stressed and hostile in the shelter likely will become friendly and docile after spending time in a good home. After the experience, people are more likely to see the animal as one they would want as their pet.

See If You Are Ready to Adopt

Fostering a pet can also help you see whether or not you would like to become a first-time pet owner or if you are ready to adopt another pet. The primary goal of fostering is to provide a temporary home, but it can also be a learning experience for you. 

Help Your Pets Socialize

Fostering is also good for your pets if you have any. It can help your pet or pets grow in their social skills with other animals. The more often you foster, the better your pets will be able to engage with other animals.

Choose Who You Want to Foster

You are in control of who you want to foster, so the process is flexible to your terms. Many types of animals undergo foster care, including dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, horses, and much more. You can specialize in one dog breed or host an array of animals providing you have the means to do so.

Save a Life

Participating in National Foster a Pet Month has multiple benefits for the fosterer, but perhaps the best one is that it gives one a chance to save an animal’s life. Many shelters still have to put down animals if they cannot find a home, and giving an animal that home could be for you.

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