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What Is TPLO in Dogs?

What Is TPLO in Dogs?

TPLO surgery in dogs is a type of treatment for a CCL rupture. If you have concerns, contact us!

TPLO stands for tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, a type of surgery used to correct a cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Sometimes, pet dogs may need this surgery, along with physical rehabilitation, both of which Everhart Veterinary Medicine in Baltimore, MD, can provide. If you have concerns about TPLO in dogs, read on to learn more about it.

A CCL Rupture

The cranial cruciate ligament is the muscle that holds the femur and the tibia together; in other words, it keeps the thigh and shin bones connected. The CCL can rupture due to an injury, but most of the time it is because of long-term deterioration. 

When the CCL ruptures, the femur becomes unstable and can slide down the slope of the top of the tibia. The affected dog will not be able to walk as usual and will experience pain. Should this happen to your pet, it is best to find a solution as soon as possible for its health and wellbeing. 

CCL Repair: TPLO in Dogs

One can actually consider different methods of CCL repair, but TPLO surgery is a highly notable one. In tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, the surgeon will cut a semi-circular piece from the top of the tibia and rotate it backward several degrees until the femur can rest on it at a level plane. When the femur sits on a horizontal plane, it will not move, no matter the pressure it puts on the tibia. A metal plate is attached to the sides of the new bone structure to keep it in place. Once the bone fully heals, it is possible to remove the metal plate.

Recovery from TPLO Surgery

It generally takes a full six months for a pet to recover from TPLO surgery. Gradually, however, your pet can begin to take longer walks, put more of its weight on the leg, and eventually become as active as it was before. TPLO surgery allows for the full recovery of the leg’s mobility. 

Physical therapy can help your pet to recover and maintain its muscle tone as it rests. Canine rehabilitation is a service that Everhart Veterinary Medicine offers, including an underwater treadmill. 

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