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New Year’s Eve Pet Safety

New Year’s Eve Pet Safety

Pet safety during the holidays is all important. These tips can make any party smooth sailing for your pet!

Cats and dogs alike can run into hazards during festive holiday celebrations. Loud sounds, crowds, fire, feasting, and more can cause unnecessary, totally avoidable pet mishaps or disturbances. If you plan on having or experiencing a bombastic celebration this year, follow these tips for New Year’s Eve pet safety.

Monitor & Be Aware

The first step is to be always aware of where your pet is and what its condition is. Monitor your pet’s whereabouts and how it is feeling. If your pet has anxiety due to any crowds or noise or strangers, it is important to address your pet’s concerns for its wellbeing. Always be aware of where your pet is, least you accidentally run into, step on, or lose your furry friend. If you take your pet outside during New Year’s Eve partying, it is best to keep it on a leash or in a fenced yard.

Keep Safe & Quiet

Some pets might be okay with much noise and people, but it is still safer to keep your pet’s exposure to crowds, loud noises, and festive food to a minimum. If you are hosting a party or having fireworks in your neighborhood, plan to keep your pet in a quiet and comfortable room in the house.

Exercise during the Day

Walking outdoors and playing indoors are two main ways to keep your pet well-exercised in the winter, especially on New Year’s Eve. If your pet is prone to jitters, it helps to exercise it so it is less likely to get agitated during nighttime festivities. For tips on toys that are safe for pets, check out this post!

Keep Human Food Off-Limits

One of the most important ways to maintain New Year’s Eve pet safety is to make sure your pet doesn’t eat anything it shouldn’t. Many human foods are toxic to dogs and cats, and much of these foods might be on the table during a New Year’s party. 

Comfort as Needed

Dogs or cats will need more or less care depending on their needs. The best way to promote New Year’s Eve pet safety is to know your pet’s comfort level with noise and crowds. Some pets might need additional support to calm anxieties, such as medication, blankets, attention, or a massage. 

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