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Should You Get a Dog if You Work Full-Time?

Should You Get a Dog if You Work Full-Time?

Thinking of getting a pet dog but work full-time? See if the combo works for you with these considerations.

Most dog owners who go out to work feel guilty when they leave their beloved canine at home during the day. While there are plenty of households that have full-time workers and school children as well as a dog, one should never forget that dogs are social creatures. Is it okay to get a dog if you work full-time? The answer depends.

How Long Can a Dog Go Alone?

Dog owner communities generally state that it is animal cruelty to leave a pet dog alone for more than two hours. Dogs, being social animals, need companionship and care throughout their days. However, some assert that it is possible to work full-time and still take care of a dog and do. 

The ideal is that the owner is at home and can attentively care for the pet all day. Someone who works from home, is a housewife or househusband, is wealthy enough to stay home, or works part-time can be literally more present for their canine companion. It is especially true for some breeds that are more prone to separation anxiety than others, such as Labradors, German shepherds, poodles, and border collies. If a dog is content to play by itself or sleep all day, though, alone time may be less of a problem.

Puppy Care

Puppies should never be left alone for much time at all, and if left alone, they need to have a cage to protect them from harming themselves. Obviously, it is cruel to cage an energetic, curious puppy eight hours a day or more. Puppies should have the range of at least a room and have 24/7 access to fresh water. Having two puppies does not solve the problem of loneliness; each needs attention and training to become a civilized dog. If you get a puppy, it is best to be available for it all day, if not most of the day. 

Tools for Full-Time Workers

Dogs of all ages need mental stimulation, physical exercise, companionship, and care. Training, potty breaks, and trips to the vet are also included in the well-rounded life of a dog. If it is not possible for someone to be at the house 24/7, hire a dog walker, and provide a variety of non-hazardous dog toys. Although no dog owner can be with their pet every hour, one should make sure to provide adequate care for their dog’s needs.  

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