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Tips for Finding a Good Veterinarian

Tips for Finding a Good Veterinarian

Looking for a great local vet in the Baltimore area? Find the best one for you with these tips.

The best time to find a good veterinarian is before you make a move and before you get the pet dog, cat, or exotic animal. It is best to set up everything before bringing a pet into a new place, and having a veterinarian to go to is essential for regular health checkups and emergencies. Instead of fruitlessly searching online for hours, however, you can begin your search right with these general tips.

Check Online

Online research is indeed one of the best places to start. With local practice information at your fingertips, why not look there first? When doing this research, be sure to read through their websites and reviews. Both the claims of the practice and the customers can give insight into how that office or hospital works.

Get Recommendations

Another reliable source of information is input from local friends and family. Send out a message on social media or reach out individually to see who they go to for their pets’ healthcare needs. Their ideas can help you whittle down your options and send you on the right Internet search path.

Check Expertise and Credentials

Even if your friend who is an upstanding dog or cat owner goes to one veterinarian, though, it doesn’t mean that that vet is the right one for you. Veterinary practices specialize in treatment for different pets; for example, one may treat “small animals” or the categories of dogs, cats, and exotic animals. Some may just treat canines. Some veterinarians specialize even further into specific branches of medicine like dermatology, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and much more. If the practice calls itself a hospital, make sure they have the certificate to back up this title.

Visit the Vet

The most thorough way to find a good veterinarian for your pet is to visit the office or hospital itself, and when visiting in-person, there are several factors to review. First, how clean is the place? Also, how friendly are the staff? Can you communicate well? What are the facilities like? How can you expect the vet to treat your pet? Do they have modern standards for pain management? Schedule an appointment to give yourself time to better know the place. 

The Everhart Veterinary Hospital and Everhart Wellpet Center welcome new guests and their pets. Due to the coronavirus, they now offer Airvet Telemedicine and Curbside Veterinary Service. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call!

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