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Health Tips for Your Cat in Springtime

Health Tips for Your Cat in Springtime

Make this spring one your cat will absolutely enjoy with several simple health tips.

As spring progresses, households are starting to change out their winter coats for summer clothes and freshen their homes after a long winter. Cats also partake in the spring routine and require care for a healthy and happy season. Below are some health tips to consider when caring for your cat in the springtime.

Brush Regularly

Cats shed their winter coats when it gets around to April or May, and since cats often clean themselves, they could end up with more hairballs. To avoid an excess of hairballs, brush your cat regularly to prevent potential health problems for your cat, like intestinal blockage, and a generally unpleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Wash Out

While you wash out the bedding and winter clothing before putting them away, you can also clean your cat’s bedding to give it new comfort and freshness as well. When a cat spends winter indoors, it will also leave dander and dirt in its bed. Therefore, now is a good time to give everyone in the house a clean start to the season.

Prevent Illness and Disease

Now is also an excellent time to make sure your cat is up-to-date on its medications and vaccinations against illnesses that come from heartworms, ticks, and other parasites. With Everhart Veterinary Hospital’s curbside services, you can drop your pet off at the curb and call in to communicate with the vet as your cat receives its checkup. No need to skip a necessary vaccination! Also, if you are letting your cat roam outdoors in spring and summer, provide fresh water indoors and out and wash both daily to prevent your cat from ingesting parasites.

Avoid Toxic Plants

When the weather grows warm, your cat will want to play outdoors. If you are a gardener as well as a cat owner, be mindful to avoid letting your cat near specific plant species that are toxic to it. Some such plants include morning glory, trumpet vine, lily of the valley, Easter lily, nightshade, and foxglove.

Give Exercise

It can do your cat good to spend some time frolicking outside. If you are concerned that your cat could run away or get into trouble, you could enclose your backyard, build a catio, or even buy a cat harness. However, supervision may be all your cat needs to stay safe outdoors this spring. 

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