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Why Your Cat Might Be Sneezing

Why Your Cat Might Be Sneezing

There are several reasons why your cat may be constantly sneezing.

While a cat or kitten sneeze may be adorable the first few times, constant sneezing could be a sign of a bigger problem. Your cat may be bothered by some material that you could remove from your cat. However, if you notice other symptoms like discharge or lethargy, you will need to take your feline to the vet. Among the many reasons your cat could be sneezing other than the occasional nose tickle, here is a general list of causes. 

An Irritant

If your cat is sneezing a lot or sniffling during particular times of day or situations, it may be an irritant that is causing your cat’s nasal problem. Mold, chemical sprays, perfumes, and smoke could cause respiratory issues with your cat.

Foreign Bodies

Another possibility is that foreign matter is stuck in your cat’s nose. Pollen, dust, and other debris may be causing your pet discomfort. If so, you may want to visit a vet to safely remove the material if your cat cannot discharge it on its own.

Intranasal Vaccines

Vaccines that help prevent respiratory problems in cats can have the side effect of sneezing for a few days after entering the cat’s system. This is an issue that should go away with no further complications.


Although allergies are far more common with humans than with felines, a pollen or another allergy is possibly the reason your cat is sneezing so much. While various treatments are available for your pet’s allergies, you should consult your vet before administering any medicine to your cat.

Respiratory Infection

A cat will display other symptoms of sickness besides sneezing if it has a respiratory infection. These may be coughing, discolored discharge from the eyes, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Specific diseases that could cause infection include feline herpes, calicivirus, chlamydia infections, and bacterial infections. Take your cat to the vet for proper treatment. 

Dental Disease

Lastly, your cat could be suffering from a dental disease due to a dental infection. A tooth infection can lead to bacteria in the nasal passages, resulting in constant sneezing. Take your cat to the vet to treat all and any infection.

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