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Best Small Pets to Own

Best Small Pets to Own

Looking for a small, manageable pet? Here’s a list of the best seven.

Having a pet brings much joy to one’s life; it can also promote one’s health through exercise and lower stress. Of course, owning a pet gives a person greater responsibility as well, to which not everyone is ready to commit. If someone is looking for a pet requiring a lower maintenance level than a dog or cat, then there are at least seven best small pets from which to choose.

Guinea Pigs

If you are a beginning pet owner, you could easily make the guinea pig your guinea pig. These adorable rodents are active and full of personality; if you are looking for a social companion, this pet will fit the bill. Guinea pigs need a safe environment in which to run around and explore outside of the cage. As with any animal, having another of its kind with it will keep it from loneliness.


Hamsters are significantly smaller than guinea pigs and are easier to take care of. They are nocturnal, so you will only see them active during the late evening on into the night. They are content to play by themselves, although it would not hurt to have at least one other. One should research which hamsters can live together before getting another one.  


Rabbits are perhaps lower-maintenance than a cat or dog, but they too need specific parameters for their wellbeing. For example, one must provide a spacious cage and an environment for it to hop around in. Due to their temperamental and skittish nature, rabbits need objects to hide under and special care around children. They are nevertheless social creatures that need a companion or, at the very least, your attention.


Mice are more similar to hamsters in that they are quiet creatures happy with others of their kind. They do require specific care to be happy, such as the right bedding, the right-sized cage, and proper handling. Pairing males together could lead to fights, so two or more females make for a better combination.


Rats are one of the best small pets one can own, as they are smart, active, and social. They are personable and can make a great companion, although they only live for two or three years. Rats need ample cage space and room to roam. 


Among the best small pets around, ferrets are the most cat-like with their great agility and curiosity. If your family wishes for a low-maintenance but high-energy pet, the ferret is for you. However, be sure to ferret-proof the house.


The chinchilla originates from northern Chile in the Andes Mountains. This nocturnal, exotic creature lives up to 15 years and is a relatively low-maintenance pet, very social, good-natured, and happy with its dust baths. They can even learn a few tricks.

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