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Should You Walk Your Cat?

Should You Walk Your Cat?

Is walking your cat a good idea? For the right cat, yes!

Walking a cat is one idea that many people find foreign, let alone a bit of an eyebrow-raiser. Pet owners care for their cats’ health, as they should, so this is not a surprising question to come across. After all, everyone walks their dogs at least once a day. Should you walk your cat? In some cases, it could be for you and your pet.

Does Your Cat Want To?

First, ask whether your cat is the type who would appreciate a walk around the block. Is your cat the adventurous type, always gazing outdoors to see what is going on? Is it the type of feline that would bolt outdoors if it had the chance? Walking your cat would be a possibility in that case. However, if it tends to hide, be perfectly content to lie on the floor, and is afraid of the outdoors, then it likely won’t work out so well.

Using a Leash

When walking your cat, it is best to put it on a leash. You don’t want to take the chance of it darting away into the woods or across the street unexpectedly. Train your cat to wear a leash gradually and gently, allowing the cat to get used to it around the house, and then around the yard. Then, it will be time for an actual outing.

What to Expect

Every cat is different, so reactions may differ. Some cats perfectly enjoy going for a walk and will even bring its leash to its owner. Others will lie down and not budge. In that case, it’s “game over.” On your first walks, however, one might expect the cat to lead rather than you. Your cat will be more likely to want to explore and hunt than take a swift loop around the bend. Be patient with your pet and allow it to take in the outdoors at its own speed, gently correcting it when it ventures near no-zones, like the tree or alleyway.

Make It Routine

If your cat enjoys its daily walk, make sure to make it routine. Cats, along with dogs and people, function best when working on a predictable schedule. Choose a time that works for you and use an easy signal like saying, “It’s time for a walk!” to make walk-time clear and expected.

The Benefits of the Outdoors

Walking your cat might get you some interesting looks from passersby, but it can be a healthful and enjoyable experience for both you and your cat. Some cats find walks to be stress-relieving and can even eliminate stress-related health problems. Spending time outdoors stimulates your cat’s senses and, of course, keeps it active. Consult with your vet concerning health risks and other concerns when taking your cat for a walk.

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