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Care for Outdoor Cats in Summer

Care for Outdoor Cats in Summer

Make summer cooler for your outdoor cat with these tips!

Cats are generally self-reliant creatures and are capable of fending for themselves. Outdoor cats benefit from the stimulus of the natural world and plenty of places to explore. Harsh weather, however, can make any feline wish for some help from their owner. In Maryland’s hot and humid summers, there are several ways owners can care for their outdoor cats.

Provide Water

Wherever you keep your pets, it is essential to always have fresh water available inside or outside. Keep one or two bowls of fresh water in a shaded area near the house and clean the bowl every day. To make it more refreshing and exciting, throw in a few ice cubes or freeze the water the night before.

Provide Shade

Cats appreciate shade in hot weather. Light-colored cats can sunburn, while cats with darker fur can absorb the sun’s rays more. Let your cat roam free if your yard has shade foliage like bushes or trees. You can even park your car on the driveway so your cat can lie underneath it. Another option is to create a catio. 

Keep Cool

For extra cooling, you can take a damp, cool cloth and rub your cat with it. A damp cloth is more tolerable to most cats than a water spray. You can also use a cold compress to cool the back of the neck. Just be careful not to use gel packs, as their contents can be toxic to cats if opened.

Groom Regularly

Brush and groom your cats regularly to avoid matting fur or hair, especially if you have a long-haired cat. Their coat can make the summer weather feel much worse.

Let Indoors

Another option for keeping your cat cool in summer is to let it indoors on the hottest days, especially if you find it waiting on your doorstep. Outdoor cats can live partially indoors, and vice versa. A cool cardboard box with cotton padding or a commercial cooling bed can be a luxurious feline retreat.  

Keep Safe in the Car

Cats may need to go to the vet in the summertime as at any other season. When transporting your cat, never leave it alone in the car. As you drive, keep your pet in an appropriate carrier in the shade with plenty of AC and ventilation. 

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