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Entertaining Your Pet While Working at Home

Entertaining Your Pet While Working at Home

Are you working from home? These are some ways you and your pet can thrive.

Working from home has been something many of us have shared over the past few months. For some, it has already been a way of life, and for others, a new adventure. Working remotely has its challenges, one of the biggest being distractions. If you have a pet, you might be running into some major focus issues. If you’re working from home, here’s what you can do to create the best balance between you and your pet.

Provide Toys

Your dog or cat can likely learn to play by itself while you are busy. No animal should be entirely dependent on your presence for mental stimulation. If you have more than one pet, they can help to entertain each other. However, if you only have one dog or cat, be sure to provide plenty of toys to enjoy when you are busy or out of the house. Include a variety, like puzzles, chew toys, tug-toys, plushies, etc. You can even rotate them so your pet always gets a refresher.

Integrate Breaks

Breaks are healthy for both humans and animals. When you’re working from home, it can be easy to forget to eat lunch, work for too long, or get sidetracked. Instead of being a bother, pets can actually streamline your focus and help you take those much-needed breathers throughout the day. It is important to be consistent and stick to a schedule. You and your pet can both benefit from the refreshment of playtime.

Hire a Pet-Sitter

If you really don’t have much time to spare for your pet during working hours, hiring a pet-sitter can give your dog or cat the company it craves. A pet-sitter can take your dog on a walk or even play with your cat once a day or throughout the week. You can get work done and provide for your pet’s needs.

Agree on Space

Pet owners may differ on whether or not to let their pet into the same room as them as they work. Likewise, pets may also feel strongly about one option over another. Agree on what’s most comfortable for both you and your pet. If you can’t concentrate when your pet is there, make your office an off-limits area. If your pet needs to be able to come and go as it pleases, you might have to compromise. Other pets may enjoy quietly sitting beside you or on your lap as you work, and both of you can coexist in peace. 

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