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Does My Dog Need a Raincoat?

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Should your dog wear a raincoat? We talk about this topic here.

You know just how important exercise is for your dog, and your pet loves to go with you to different outdoor events. On the chance rainy day, you might end up coming home with a very wet dog that needs a bath. You might find yourself asking, “Does my dog need a raincoat?” The seven questions below will help you determine the best answer.

How to Tell If Your Dog Needs a Raincoat

What Kind of Coat Does It Have?

Some dog breeds have a thick, waterproof coat. It is very hard for them to get truly wet because the water rolls right off their backs. Of course, your water-resistant dog will get damp after a shower, but it is not necessarily worth getting a raincoat when it has this built-in rain protection.

What Is Its Build?

Small or wiry dogs may not have enough insulation to retain their body heat very well. These types of dogs can benefit not only from a raincoat but a winter coat as well. If you are uncertain whether your dog needs the insulation or might overheat, please talk with your vet.

Is the Fur Groomed Significantly Shorter?

On the other hand, a dog that usually has long hair but now has very short hair might need a raincoat for insulation, too. If the groomer recently shaved off your pet’s long coat, a raincoat might help it stay comfortable when it is raining and cold.

How Close to the Ground Is It?

Dogs with short legs are more likely to get wet on their undersides, especially if they are running over lawns or have long hair. It might be worth getting a raincoat that protects their undersides from wetness rather than just their backs and heads.

How Old Is Your Dog?

Young, old, and ailing dogs are the most susceptible to catching illnesses. They may have weaker immune systems or be prone to arthritis in cold, wet weather. It doesn’t hurt to add a little protection from the rain.

Does Your Dog Love the Outdoors?

If your dog loves going outdoors, rain or shine, then it may be worth investing in a doggy raincoat. If it hates going outside during rainfall, it is less worth it.

Does Your Dog Mind Clothes?

Does your pet absolutely hate wearing any garments? There is no need to push it; if your dog needs to go outside, such as to relieve itself, let it go out in a sheltered space.

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