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Tips to Keep Dogs Warm in Winter

little white dog in snow

In the heat of summer, winter is around the corner! Prepare your pet for the cold with these tips!

Some dogs love to sit outside in the snow, but others are more sensitive to freezing temperatures. It’s important to be aware of your dog’s sensitivity to the cold; if your dog remains in the elements unprotected, it could leave it susceptible to sickness or even frostbite. Knowing your dog’s breed and unique physical makeup will help you determine its sensitivity level to the cold. Check out these tips to keep dogs warm in winter or any chilly season!

Clothe Your Dog If Necessary for Outdoor Exercise

If your pet is very young, old, or short-haired, it might help to give it a winter coat when it walks or plays outside in cold weather. Measure your dog’s neck, shoulder span, and chest to determine the best size. Do not get a dog sweater or jacket that is too snug, as it could lead to overheating, chafing, or immobility. If your dog doesn’t like to wear a jacket or sweater, only use it when necessary to go outside in cold weather.

Limit Time Outdoors

Even if your pet doesn’t need a winter coat other than its own, it is best to limit its time outdoors, especially if its ears, paws, and tail are sensitive to the cold. Supervise your pet when it is outdoors in freezing temperatures, and call it back inside when you see fit.

Maintain Paws

Dog paws can become dried out in winter. If this happens, consult your vet to see what moisturizing product to use. Moisturizers for humans can harm rather than help your pet. 

Dogs with hairy paws should have their paws trimmed of excess hair to keep them clean.

If your pet has paws that are sensitive to the cold, have your pet wear winter booties if it allows it. 

Provide a Warm Place to Sleep

The ideal sleeping place for your dog should be a draft-free, temperature-controlled space. Even so, winter can call for warmer bedding for both people and their pets. Provide a warm blanket, or give your dog a self-warming or microwavable dog bed pad. Of course, the bedding should not be plush to the extent that your pet struggles to get out.

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